Equal rights, equal opportunities

The Rainbow Umbrella Charitable Trust aims to promote equal rights for disabled children with regard to after school childcare provision.

The trust believes that current funding is inadequate and results in this group of children being excluded from mainstream programmes and takes away their right to access programmes of their choice.

Up until mid-2013 the Rainbow Umbrella Charitable Trust operated an After School Programme for children with disabilities in Napier, New Zealand.

Unfortunately due to a lack of sustainable funding Rainbow Umbrella closed in May 2013. This was a hard time for the children and families, some of whom had been with the programme since the beginning of Rainbow Umbrella in 2008.

Rainbow Umbrella had been such an important part of the lives of the special children and young people who attended the programme. It gave them opportunities for social inclusion and a chance to spend time with their peers in a fun and accepting environment.

Rainbow was also a huge support for families, giving many of them time to spend with other siblings, the ability to work or study. Just an opportunity for a normal life.